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Our non-obstetric ultrasound (NOUS) service operates across a number of sites, bringing this versatile diagnostic test to convenient locations within the West Midlands. The service is staffed by experienced Sonographers and has the benefit of integrated pathways with local hospitals, using shared patient management systems and consultant oversight.

We provide diagnostic ultrasound to adults over 18 for most referral criteria, with a few exclusions.

Scans undertaken

  • Abdominal (hepato-biliary, renal, anterior wall)

  • Gynaecological

  • Testes, groin, hernia

  • MSK (joints, ligaments, tendons, superficial lumps & bumps)

  • Thyroid and Neck

Referrals should be made via the ICE system. Reports are returned within 2 days of the scan taking place, back via ICE.

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