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يقود خدمة أمراض الروماتيزم لدينا طبيب عام ذو دور موسع في أمراض الروماتيزم ، بدعم من فريق متعدد التخصصات من أخصائيي العلاج الطبيعي والأطباء العامين ذوي الأدوار الممتدة والمتخصصين في التمريض المتخصصين في أمراض الروماتيزم والاستشاريين الأكاديميين في أمراض الروماتيزم. لدينا مرافق الأشعة السينية والموجات فوق الصوتية المجتمعية وندعم ممرضات الأبحاث.

المواقع مع هذه الخدمة:

Joint Pain

What happens at the appointment?

Our clinicians are highly specialised in the field of musculoskeletal medicine. Your first appointment will take approximately 20-30 minutes where you can discuss your problems and general health. This will be followed by a physical examination, during which you might be required to remove some items of clothing. It is therefore advisable to wear sensible undergarments so that the clinician can carry out an effective assessment.

What happens next?

After this initial appointment, we will discuss with you the most appropriate course of management for your condition. This may involve treatment, further assessment or referral to another health professional. You will receive written information about your condition. At the end of the appointment, a letter will be sent to your GP and you will receive a copy.

This service is available on the NHS E-referrals Service, please speak to your GP for more information.

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